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Thunk, thunk, thunk, go the knives as they cleave into the cherry-red wall. Mike Gross hurls one blade after another, as Rosa, his wife of 18 years, stands prettily in the way.

What would make a man do this? And what would make his wife stand there, smiling broadly, without even a flinch?" "We want to demonstrate trust," Mike said recently as the couple prepared for another practice session in their backyard. He pauses, then goes in for the wry joke: "Hopefully we won't have to demonstrate forgiveness.

Mike picks up a stack of 14 inch stainless steel knives and goes into character: Rosa stands against the board, arms spread out from her sides and Mike starts tossing the knives. Two flick between her knees, two at her hips, elbows and wrists. She doesn't budge, her smile is blinding.

A natural entertainer, Mike keeps the dry, funny patter going throughout-when a knife nicks Rosa's short black spandex skirt, he is more than pleased. "oh, that's good," he says. "We'll keep that in the routine." "I felt that one, Hon," Rosa quips.


"Mike and Rosa are true professionals. For the entertainment of the public I have seen them tirelessly spend hours rehearsing their act until they are happy with it. They have such a great bond, on stage, that their enthusiasm for what they do shines through. Plus you couldn't wish to meet a nicer couple "
"Little John " Taylor, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England

"Hi Michael and Rosa, I just wanted to say it was great meeting you both at the Cummington Fair. I love to watch other entertainers having FUN on stage and you are not only great at what you do but it definitely shows that you have fun while you are doing it, and that is so important. I was told by the committee that you are great people and they are right. I hope our paths cross again in the future. Keep up the great work, I LOVE the act!!! Have A MAGICAL Day!"
Tommy James

"If you're anything like me, you will be watching this show with one hand over your eyes looking between your fingers. This is the real thing, a real breath taker. Make sure you don't miss One Sharp Marriage"
D.M. Pittsfield, MA

"The show is awesome and amazing! You can just feel the adrenaline! When I sat in the audience and watched Mike's precision throws, I found myself holding my breath each time a knife landed close to Rosa's body. Such intense skill and professionalism! What a rush! An act not to be missed!"
M.S., Dalton, MA

"Wit, humor, suspense and lots of excitement describe The One Sharp Marriage performance. I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it for any age group."
A.T., The Berkshires

"The show was stimulating and nail biting. Mike and Rosa, hat's off! Very well prepared show and you kept the audience in the show at all times. Bravo, bravo!!!!!!"
G.L., Massachusetts

"It's an exciting show filled with fun and excitement."
S.S. Yorktown VA

"He makes it look so easy. I got the chance to throw knives afterwards, and it was very difficult."
M.V. Poquoson VA

“Mike’s real knife throwing demonstration was fantastic! Mike & Rosa demonstrate a lot of bravery and trust during their act. They kept it very entertaining, humorous and professional. Fun for any age. I definitely recommend it.”
Brent Sylvia

“One Sharp Marriage was the highlight of “Barn Day” 2004 & 2005. Spine tingling, edge of your seat! Nail biting, thrill-a-minute are just some of the words that describe this amazing show!!!! You’ll not be disappointed”.
Pete & Eileen Czaja, Stockbridge MA


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