About Mike & Rosa

Mike and Rosa have been entertaining audiences of all ages since 2001 with their knife throwing act, performing as "One Sharp Marriage". In 2008, Mike and Rosa were inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame located in Austin Texas. They were also named "Outstanding New Performers of the Year by the IKTHOF that same year. In 2010 they were named Knife Throwing Ambassadors of the Year by the IKTHOF.They perform throughout the year at Fairs, Parties, Corporate Events and Church functions. 

A certified "Expert" Knife Thrower by the IKTHOF, and Pro Tour competitor, Mike is world ranked by the IKTHOF in the Expert division. A National Knife Throwing Champion, Mike won the IKTHOF/NEUSKTC National Championship in 2009. Mike is also a 2 time National Champion Tomahawk Thrower, winning the 2009 IKTHOF/NEUSKTC National Tomahawk Throwing Championship, and 2010 won the NE-AKTA National Tomahawk Throwing Championship. In 2009 Mike accomplished a rare feat, winning the "Triple Crown" finishing first overall in Knife, Tomahawk, and Mountain Man Throws at the IKTHOF National Championship in New Jersey in 2009!

Mike is also available for Knife and Tomahawk throwing demonstrations. Private and group lessons are also available.

Professional memberships & awards:

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